About Us


We B.K.International Pvt. Ltd., are among the leading manufacturers of socks. These are available in all yarn types and are known for their superior finish quality. Here at Barun Socks, we offer different kind of socks include kids socks, men’s socks, men’s sports socks, ladies socks, men’s woollen socks, ladies woollen socks & school dress socks. Established in the year 1973, at Delhi, our business operations are being led under the able leadership of Mr. Ratan Lal Agarwal. His experienced business approach, support of experienced production team as well developed infrastructure allow us to deliver socks in both standard and customized finishes.

Today, our consistency in delivering high-quality socks as per the emerging market demands has helped us to firmly establish ourselves in our industry sector. Further our innovative production techniques, as well as the effective use of modern production, means also allow us to deliver these at competitive prices. Apart from the Indian market, our products are much highlighted in some other regions too like some European countries and the USA, Middle East countries and others.

Our Presence


In the past 45 years of service, BK International created its strong root under the market of socks manufacturing. A network of more millions of customers, lakhs of distributor/suppliers, thousands of retailers and plenty of small manufacturers all across the world. Ranging from India to the Middle East, BK International is spreading its charm of quality all across the living.

Eco Friendly


Eco-friendly manufacture of socks refers to the recycling and reuse of fabric waste. With the use of recyclable waste, we prompt to save energy and resources which in parallel helps to reduce the burden of fabric waste. Barun Socks aims to create the best products with the most energy saving and reliable resources.


Our products were created with one vision in mind i.e., to turn an everyday accessory into a designed colorful item. In reaching this vision we aspire to maintain a rigid standard of ultimate quality. Further our innovative production techniques, as well as effective use of production, means also allow us to deliver ultimate quality socks.

Our Expertise

Barun socks serve the best quality of socks for daily uses. They produce in best yarn types and they give the best in:-

  • We use certified yarn
  • Up to 550+ Machines
  • In-house printing of socks
  • In-house yarn development
  • We always manufacturer


Creating an efficient product with utmost satisfaction.


Manufacturing 35 Million+ socks per year.


Just rely on us, we’re with & for you always!

Our Services

Our unit provides you with the best service, quality assurance, affordable price, and unique designing.


Our products are inexpensive and meeting the customer demands at affordable prices.


Completely responsible and provides quality assurance.


We’re performing consistently well and here for you to rely on.

Unique Designs

Our designs are particularly one of a kind which makes them distinctive.

Happy Customers

I love the feel of the fabric which Barun socks deliver. I purchased 4 pair of ankle socks for my daughter and they were resistant and long lasting. Just loved the product and its quality.

Barun Socks give the most affordable items with a number of varieties. They used only quality approved fabrics which are appreciable and long lasting

First time I bought a pair of socks from Barun socks and I completely loved the material. The material was soft and comfortable with an attractive design and qualitative product.